Deluge  welcomes work that has not been previously published.

What we consider:  poetry, fiction, translations, essays, book/chapbook reviews, short films, poem-films, photography, and art. (Please note: we would love to pay our contributors, but we simply cannot afford to.) It is highly recommended that  you read an issue of Deluge before submitting your work to be considered for publication in Deluge. In the event of publication, Deluge obtains one-time online rights and archival rights. Please note: authors and artists retain all copyrights to their work.

What we like:  Marosa di Georgio, Kim Hyesoon, Yi Sang, Aase Berg, Raúl Zurita, Hiromi Itō, J.K. Huysmans, Hannah Weiner, James Merrill, Georges Bataille, Guy Debord, Leslie Marmon Silko, Vasko Popa, the Black Took Collective, Pierre Guyotat, Kobo Abe, Kathy Acker, Jean Genet, Hilda Hilst, Aimé Césaire, William Gaddis, ASCO, Alfred Starr Hamilton, David Altmejd, Kara Walker, Alexander McQueen, Matthew Barney, David Lynch, Harmony Korine, John Waters, Kenneth Anger, and Hélio Oiticica

Submission guidelines: we consider submissions year-round, but we only consider submissions sent through our Submittable submissions manager (see link below). Please also note: Deluge is a bi-annually published online publication. Please send us only Word (doc.) or PDF (pdf.) files. If you are sending us a short film to consider, please simply include a link to the video somewhere in your submission. Include all work in one single document. If you send us five poems in five separate documents, we will respond by sending you five rejection e-mails. Simultaneous submission are permitted - just keep us updated. As far as our response time goes, If you have not heard from us after five months, feel free to reach out. Sometimes Deluge will respond instantly. If you are rude, Deluge might not respond at all.

For poetry, submit 3-5 poems at a time. For fiction and nonfiction, please send only one piece at a time. If you receive a rejection e-mail from us, please wait at least six months before submitting again. If you re-submit instantaneously, we will not read your submission.

Feel free to include a brief bio with your submission, but please be aware that your publishing history is no deciding factor. (When you decide to share a comprehensive list of the 500 poems you've published in your lifetime, we think this looks suspiciously desperate.)

Finally, we welcome both previously published writers and emerging, unpublished writers alike. (Your M.F.A. and/or Ph.D. guarantees you nothing.)

Have you published with us before?  Please know that while we do sometimes repeat-publish former contributors, we do tend to prioritize writers who have not already published with us. If you've published with us before and you receive a rejection e-mail from us, please do not take it personally.


-chapbook manuscripts should be around 15-30 pages in length.

-we will ALWAYS consider translations

-reading fee: FREE

-acceptable files: doc. or pdf.

-all entries must be submitted online via our Submittable submission manager.

-the author's work must be contained within a single document.

-simultaneous submissions are permitted (just keep us posted)

-however, multiple submissions from the same author are not permitted

-authors receive 15 gratis copies

If submitting poetry, please send at least two (2) poems and no more than eight (8).

We prefer that you attach your submission as a MS Word DOC (or) as a PDF

If submitting fiction, please send only one (1) piece (4000 words or less).

We prefer that you attach your submission as a MS Word DOC.

We prefer that you attach your submission as a MS Word DOC.

If would like Deluge to consider a video project, please simply include a link to the source material.

JPEG or PNG are preferred.